Why We Mosaic


I like mosaics because there's an aspect of them that is just so imperfect to me. Each little cut is never the same and a lot of times you cut and get what you get. Somehow, all those not so uniform pieces come together to make something unique and beautiful in spite of the imperfections.

I was initially attracted to mosaics because of what I just described. It was freeing to find an art form that didn't feel as constrained as the other ones I had studied. It was also freeing to know that no matter how my cuts came out, I could still make something visually attractive. I feel as if mosaics have their own rhythm of progression, and quite often pieces unfold in ways I wouldn't have imagined. Each piece holds a little element of surprise.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, kids are often attracted to our art pieces which makes me ecstatic because that childlike, fun, lighthearted quality is something I hope to capture both visually as well as in my own spirit. I mosaic because I like doing things with my hands and I like objects I can look at solely for the purpose of looking at them. I love things, shapes, and ideas that are playful, colorful, and downright strange and fantastical. I like concepts that are cute, loopy, crazy, curvy, abstract, and also simple. With mosaics, I feel like I am giving others a peek into my personality. 

I’ve often asked Edwin why he likes making mosaics and why he continues to do it. His answer- it’s fun and challenging and he values what visually comes out of sitting for hours and gluing tiny pieces side by side. Mosaics capture the essence of his creative and detailed nature. He enjoys the problem solving behind putting small pieces together to make a larger design.  He often jokes that if we never sell another mosaic he’ll be happy because he’ll get to keep them all for himself. He takes joy in what he does and values his craft. I believe this should be at the heart of every artist.

I mosaic for my personal pleasure but I also mosaic because I want to share my passion with others. I want to inspire, I want to influence, and I want to evoke pure and positive emotions. I want someone who has never mosaicked before to see one of our mosaics and be inspired to make mosaics too. I hope someone sees how Edwin and I collaborate and gets inspired to start a small business, pursue a creative endeavor, or team together with a kindred soul who has a shared passion or vision.

Each artist has a story behind why they make their art, and each artistic endeavor should be celebrated and enjoyed. You never know who is taking courage and inspiration from what you do and how you do it.