Art & Meditation


I’m a believer in meditation and mosaic making has given me another opportunity to practice it.

At our shows people will often come up to us, touch our work, and comment, "It looks so therapeutic." I have to admit I was a little shocked when many viewers made that as their first comment about our pieces. Somehow, these viewers identify breaking glass and putting it back together to assemble a design as something that is meditative, and it is for both myself and Edwin.

Meditation to me is the ability to be fully present in whatever you’re doing. We all have those times where we find ourselves with clear minds and at peace with the moment. Our worries disappear and are replaced with a sense of calmness. That’s what happens to me when I’m designing a mosaic. I am fully focused on the piece and design, and a fluid process naturally unfolds. During this process I am able to be aware of the moment without unnecessary or distracting thoughts, and I believe this to be the essence of life. If I take my approach to mosaic making and put it on a large scale, it would be living life in a state of presence and acceptance of the moment. This ultimately leads to more peace. When I practice meditation I am more productive without extra effort. Meditation gives me the tools to manage my thoughts and energy in a more useful way. 

Over time, I've learned that being fully connected to whatever you’re doing is the easiest and best way to declutter your mind. I know sometimes it can be difficult to pull away from all the distractions of life and find time and space to meditate, but the benefits of meditation are endless and it can be practiced in a variety of forms. It can be incorporated into activities that you enjoy, and if you're willing, also into those that you don't.

Making mosaics has strengthened my meditation practice, and it continues to make gratitude an integral part of my existence as I realize all the opportunities that it continues to bring.