Fun in the Community


From craft shows to café exhibitions, we are learning more about the area where we live and play. Mosaic making has brought us many lovely and fun opportunities that we otherwise wouldn’t have known. It also makes me think about how I would like to contribute to my community and how others such as children are exposed to art and how important it is. We are fortunate that our mosaic making has led us on the great path of getting to know our community better and connecting us to it.

As discussed in our previous blog Mosaics Everywhere! mosaic making has made me more aware of the joys, beauties, and artwork of where I live. It also makes me elated when someone purchases our work and is proud that it came from a local artist. I especially love it when children are drawn to our work and ask to touch and feel it. 

When I started making mosaics I did it because it was interesting and, in my personal experience, less talked about than other art forms. I never thought how art would connect us to other people but it is the part that I am enjoying the most.