Every week feels busy. Scratch that, every week is busy. Starting our small business has been a whirlwind and we are, of course, still learning the ropes. With every day being so busy, we try to take time out for ourselves and do little things we enjoy- you know, so we can still stay sane. Self-care is so important. Between both of us working full-time, having a small business, and me working on my other passion- a children’s novel- we have to find time to do things that relax us and play. :)

1.      Soccer/running- Edwin loves soccer, I love running. Some days after work we will go to the park down the street and either run or play soccer. An hour or so of being outside and being in the moment with physical activity helps to relieve stress and keep me balanced. I love working out and used to do it a lot more. Now I find myself with less energy and time, but I still try to do it as much as possible.


2.       Meditation- I’ve practiced little by little over the years and I can see the difference. I am more able to stay in the moment and keep focused. When we have time we like to go the Meditation Museum and practice/learn about meditation.


3.       Baking/Making snacks: I love to bake. I find it relaxing and at the end of it there is a sweet treat to eat. I find that baking clears my head, slows things down, and keeps me in the moment. Plus Edwin always gets excited when I bake something. It’s a win-win.


4.       Hiking/nature- If it involves physical activity I’m usually in. If it involves physical activity outdoors, well, what can be better than that? I like hiking so much because it’s a great way to get moving and also enjoy nature. Other things we both enjoy are gardens and watching/spotting animals. I love how we’re always excited to see a bunny, a deer, or a chipmunk. :)

5.       Doing something new: Getting out of the routine is refreshing and needed. Luckily, we have a dear friend who is always inviting us to events and encouraging us to get out and enjoy ourselves- the mosaics will be there when we get back. Whether an activity is new for one of us or both of us, it’s always fun to share an experience that we’ve never had together before!